Install MySQL and DBD::MySQL on Mac OS X

In chapter 3 we promised to keep a guide to installing DBD::MySQL on Mac OS X up to date on the website as in the past (on older versions of Mac OS X) this has been at best a tricky operation, and at other times a down right pain. Sorry it has taken a while to materialize (the book has been out several months already), but we hope this should do the trick.

I’ve just posted the guide on the forum as this is probably a better place for handling any support that might be needed (rather than the comments here). Head on over to the forum for the full article.

New Site!

If you’re reading this post and have ever visited this site before you may have noticed a small change – welcome to the new! For all new visitors, welcome to you too!

We’ve been busy updating the site in preparation for the release of the book, as we think this site will be a great companion to the text. The aim of this site is to support the book in the following ways:

  • To provide news about the publication of the book and any other appropriate material.
  • To host information on any errors (and corrections for these errors) found within the text/content of the book.
  • To host supporting files and code examples that are referred to within the text of the book.
  • To host a discussion forum both for people working through the book, and for anyone else who might be interested in joining in on the discussions.

We hope you find this site useful, and we look forward to speaking to you all on the forums soon!