Errata & Updates (1st Edition)

In both the first and second print runs of the first edition, the word “complement” is incorrectly written as “compliment” throughout Chapter 3. If you’re unsure of the difference, see this explanation.

S-Plus (described as an alternative to R on page 182) is now a product of TIBCO, following the acquisition of Insightful Software by TIBCO.

The table below shows errors spotted by readers in the first print run of the first edition. If your book is from the second or subsequent print runs then all these problems will have been fixed!

Page(s) Error
61 There is a misleading statement about the ordering of results from a query in the GROUP BY section. More information can be found in this forum thread.
80 The last line of the example at the top of the page should read ‘# @array now contains ('CGC' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 'ACG')‘.
126 The example program has a ‘</>‘ at the end of the final line which will cause your program to crash and not run. This should not be there.
129-130 The example programs on these pages have the code ‘my $sth->prepare‘ within them, this should be ‘my $sth = $dbh->prepare‘.
170 Figure 4.9 should reference the PCA in Fig. 4.7, not 4.6. This error is present in all copies of the first edition.
195 Table 5.1, the header ‘Deprogramion’ should read ‘Description’.
196-7 Table 5.2, the header ‘Deprogramion’ should read ‘Description’.

Note: If you’re having difficulty installing a piece of software, or are struggling to get a particular example to work, please visit the forum instead because it may be a problem with your computer setup rather than a mistake in the book.

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